The Chicabal Collection

The traditional huipils used for the Chicabal collection of upcycled bags were once worn for up to 15 years as blouses by Mayan women from the district Chichicastenango in Guatemala. The huipils from Chichicastenango are characterized by colourful floral, birds and geometric patterns. The threads are naturally dyed by plants and seeds and the huipil is then handwoven on a portable backstrap-loom which takes up to 9 months to complete due to the fine weaving technique of the district and the detailed patterns. It truly is a piece of art!

Each artisan adds her own personality to the textile through colours, designs and patterns embedded into the fabric, making each and every bag unique and one of a kind.


If the huipil on your bag is a little bit worn or faded it is because it has been well worn by the woman who weaved it and perhaps was one of her favorite pieces in her wardrobe.

The Chicabal collection consists of three handbags of which the Santa Rosa Daybag is our larger bag, fitting a 13” laptop.  The Alicia de Lux and the Zoe Boho Bag are our smaller size handbags and just the perfect size. The Bella Pouch comes in various sizes and can be used as a unique clutch. Each bag carries its’ on number as they are all one of a kind. You might have seen twin-bags in our collection as two bags can be made from one huipil. However, they are not identical as the design often is reversed on the back of the huipil.


Santa Rosa Daybag


Alicia de Lux


Zoe Boho Bag


Bella Pouch