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Chicabal is a social enterprise that features upcycled and handmade products that are produced exclusively in Guatemala. At Chicabal we want to take a step back from mass production and contribute to a sustainable market with upcycled, high-quality, fairly traded and long lasting products, providing unique and one of a kind products to the conscious consumer. 


Our bags are made from upcycled vintage materials which have been naturally dyed

One of a kind
All unique, just like the woman who weaved it and like the woman who now will carry it

Handwoven materials made in to handmade bags

At Chicabal we advocate for only buying things that you truly fall in love with, decreasing your consumption and using your favorite things longer. By developing long-lasting products with high quality and with a cultural and emotional connection, our aim is for consumers to keep their handbags for many years to come.
— Helena and Malena, Chicabal